What papers do I need to bring?

What paperwork do you need to bring when you drop off your tax paperwork?  Here is a helpful little checklist of “events” that may or may not have occurred for you in 2017….but if any of them pertain to you, then you know what paperwork or information I may be asking you for:

  Situation/Life Event Documents or Information to bring Kathy……
1 Married, Divorced, or Separated during 2017 ·         Got Married ~ prior year’s tax returns for both spouses (unless they were already done by Morrison Accounting, then I have them on file.)

·         Got Divorced ~ finalized date of divorce, and a copy of the divorce decree

·         Separated ~ date of separation, custody arrangements, and copy of any paperwork showing how the property and income are to be split for taxes.

2 Birth or Adoption of Child ·         Social Security number and Birthdate of child
3 Death of Spouse or Child ·         Date of Death
4 Additional Members moved into Household ·         Date of occupancy change, and their relationship to you
5 Unemployment ·         Unemployment tax form 1099-G
6 IRA Contributions ·         Type of plan and Amount of contribution
7 Retirement Distribution/Cash Out/Loan ·         Form 1099-R that you will receive from the investment company
8 Social Security Benefits ·         Form 1099-SSA that you will receive showing your annual benefit
9 Sale of Stocks, Bonds, Etc. ·         Form 1099-B from investment firm
10 Purchase of Home or other Real Estate ·         Settlement Sheet
11 Inheritance ·         Form K-1 that you will receive from the estate when it is settled
12 Start or End a Small Business ·         Start-Up or Termination Dates

·         Property contributions or distributions

13 Lawsuit Settlements ·         Date received; reason for the settlement; Form 1099-Misc that you receive
14 Rental Property ·         Income; Expenses; New Property Purchased
15 Prizes/Lottery Winnings/Gambling ·         Form 1099-Misc or Form W-2G that you receive
16 Medical Expenses

 (*Note…..this might only benefit you if the total is higher than 10% of your gross income)

·         Health insurance premiums paid (not including pre-tax deductions)

·         Totals of other medical, dental, vision, and drug expenses paid out by you

·         Any significant medical mileage driven

17 Real Estate/School Property Taxes Paid ·         Property tax bills (or Form 1098 from mortgage company if escrowed)

·         Closing papers from the purchase or sale of property

18 Refinance of a Home/Mortgage Interest Paid ·         Form 1098 from all mortgage lenders used in 2017
19 Alimony

(*Note – Under new tax law, this is the last year for job-related expenses unless self-employed)

·        Amount paid to former spouse/received from former spouse

·        Name and social security number of former spouse

20 Charitable Contributions ·        Receipts from the charitable organizations

·        Mileage log for charitable work

21 Job-Related Expenses

(*Note – Under new tax law, this is the last year for job-related expenses unless self-employed)

·      Uniform expenses/Safety gear expenses

·      Union Dues paid (need name of union, and amount paid in 2017)

·      Lodging, meals, or travel not reimbursed by employer

22 College Tuition ·      Form 1098-T received from the college or university

·      List of amounts paid for tuition, room and board, books, and technology

23 Student Loan Interest ·      Form 1098-E received from the student loan provider

(This may be in the student’s name, but it goes on the parent’s tax return typically)

24 Distribution from QTP or 529 Plan

(Tuition Savings Plan)

·      Form 1099-Q received

·      List of amounts paid for tuition, room and board, books, and technology

25 Childcare ·      Name, address, and EIN# or SSN# of the daycare provider

·      Amount paid to the provider

26 Residential Energy Credit ·      Information showing the purchase of qualifying solar or energy upgrades

·      Does not apply if over $500 in energy credit was received since 2009

27 Bankruptcy ·      Bankruptcy papers showing date and property rejected/returned by court
28 Debt Forgiveness/Cancellation or Abandonment of Property ·      Form 1099-C received from credit card company or bank

·      Form 1099-A received if property was abandoned

29 Healthcare Insurance Premium Assistance ·      Form 1095-A if insurance was obtained through healthcare.gov